Clean House

There’s something about a clean house. My exact feelings and my mood are reflected by the way my house looks on the inside.

For a couple weeks now there have been piles of dirty dishes, mail that I haven’t opened all over the coffee table, clothes (clean and dirty) scattered throughout my bedroom floor, and even the daily items I use to get ready for work (hair spray, deodorant, Qtips, etc.) lying in random places around the house.

Does that explain how I’ve felt?

Part of this mess is pure laziness. The other part… Well that’s the reflection of me.

Week after week, coming home to a messy house has taken its toll on my inner-self. I don’t know if it’s because I feel a certain way and project that onto my house, or if I leave my house a certain way and then begin to take in the mess. Either way, it doesn’t feel good.

For whatever reason I decided to get up this morning and do something about it. Feeling accomplished, like I did something today, that makes me feel good. Cleaning parts of the house, straightening up my mess (only so I can start the mess all over again tomorrow)– that makes me feel good. It lifts my spirits.

Who we surround ourselves with and how we surround ourselves, those are the two things that have positive or negative effects on our insides. If we surround ourselves with negative people, people who don’t make us better, then we will become those people. If we surround ourselves with a mess, whatever a “mess” is to you, then we will become that mess.

I’ve learned this twice when I stopped being someone’s friend. And I’ve learned over the years that when my house is a mess, I am a mess.

So I cleaned.

I can’t say I am my true self, but I can say I feel better. My insides and my outlook is more positive, simply because I cleaned.

We all have simple changes we can make in our daily lives to make us feel more positive energy around us. For me, it’s cleaning.

Surround yourself with what attracts more positive energy to you– a clean house, a good friend, a salt lamp, a dog, fresh air, the sun– and you will be a better you.

Find your clean house.




I Don’t Believe In God



I was born and raised Catholic. I went to Catholic school from age 3 to 18. My entire family is Catholic, we’ve all had the sacraments, and some of my family goes to church on Sunday.

Not me though.

I think my mom and dad sent me to a Catholic school mainly for the education. Neither one of them go to church (except on the big holidays like Christmas and Easter, but that doesn’t really count), and they don’t make me go either. We aren’t a practicing Catholic kind of family.

In school we were taught to believe in God, the Virgin Mary, and the Bible, along with many other ideologies.

But I don’t.

I’m still not sure exactly what I believe in.

I do think there is a higher being. It might be God. It might be the Universe. I think prayer can make miracles happen. I think positive energy can make good things happen. I think there is a good constantly fighting off a bad.

Whatever you believe in, you probably believe something along the lines of what I just said. But I’m not here to challenge your beliefs or to try to push my beliefs on you. (You’re the one choosing to read this blog post, remember?)

I am here to say that for those of you (us) who have questioned or challenged thoughts and beliefs, that is great! Not every person is going to believe in the same things. Hell, some of us may just have an idea of what we kind of think, but who the hell really knows?

No matter what you believe to be true, we are all on the same journey. Good shit happens; bad shit happens; and everything in between happens. And I’d like to think I’m enjoying this journey of discovery, whether that’s talking to a friend who’s a devote Christian, or a friend who believes yoga and meditation will solve all their problems. Each are interesting beliefs and I want to learn more.

If you are already strong in your beliefs, congratulations, that is a huge feat! If you’re not, enjoy it, and take it all in.

At the end of the day I’m still trying to figure out what kind of higher being I believe in, or if it’s even necessary to “choose” one.

Life can be crazy, but I think as long as you have positivity of some kind throughout your journey, you’ll be a-okay.


Now, how’s that for a serious blog post?