Let The Crazy Out

Two years ago I moved my happy ass 3hrs south to a town where I basically knew no one. I had absolutely no reason to go other than I was in love with this schmuck and ready to start a life with him. Wherever he went, I was going to go.

Look at me now, and we own a home together, are proud pittie parents, and work for the same company.


Over these last two years, I’ve learned a lot about myself and we’ve learned a lot about each other and our relationship.

We both hate doing dishes, yet we still don’t have a dish washer.

I let the dog on the furniture, and he pretends that he doesn’t.

He’s a pack rat, but he’ll tell you that I have more clothes and shoes than anyone he knows– which is false.

Neither one of us will ever agree to buy a “fixer upper” again.

And we both communicate very differently, which means I’m always right.

So as I reflect on not just these two years of living together, but also these four years of our relationship (yes, four), I realize something very important– we are better people because of each other.

We both found this pain in the ass that challenges us, makes us laugh, and makes us view things differently.


We’re not the perfect match.

But we work at it every day.

We acknowledge our issues as individuals and as a couple, and work to be better. I know my downfalls and he knows his. And because of that self-awareness we’re able to be better partners and better friends to each other and for each other.

So, when friends ask how we do it, I tell them to always be honest with themselves and their partner. Let the crazy out! Because if your partner can’t handle you and your crazy, then they’re not the one for you.

Never hide who you are. Never apologize for who you are. Because some one out there will accept you for you and love you for it.




3 thoughts on “Let The Crazy Out

  1. Laine-

    You are an old soul and so wise. You will have a long and crazy ride together because…you are letting the crazy out and life works best that way.

    Love this and I think you are pretty incredible.


    Liked by 1 person

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