Me is the Most Important

It’s a “can’t sleep,” “can’t turn my mind off” kind of night. 

Maybe it’s because IU was so close to giving OSU a run for their money. (I’m not even a college football fan).

Maybe it’s because Kris and Wilfred won’t stop snoring. (This is more accurate).

Or maybe, it’s because I haven’t really been taking time for myself to check out and re center myself. 

This job has me going at 100 mph + full time grad school + basically unpaid part time staffer for a nonprofit I volunteer for in town. All of which I enjoy and/love to some degree. 
But I just need a breather. 

Then I saw a friend’s tweet that went something like:

Blah blah blah, I hate when someone says they have 100 things on their list. We ALL have 100 things on our list.

Boom. (Side note: she was not talking directly to me). Thanks Amber!

All of my stress is warranted, but I need to understand that until I do something about it then it will continue to stay that way. (Kind of like my blog posts: The Way It Is). Even if I prioritize better (by the way, I have a 5pg paper due Sunday, which I haven’t started), I’m still going to be stressed.

I realized that if I feel this way now, come the change in season and into winter, then I’m a goner. So I’ve attempted to take care of myself first by signing Kris and I up for Farrell’s 10-week Bodyshaping program (beginning at the end of September). Shoot me. 

Neither of us are super pumped about this. But we needed something drastic. 

On top of that I’ve been signing up for yoga classes and then canceling last minute. 

This is doing me no good. 

Setting time aside for ME is so extremely important, but I just don’t follow through. 

Maybe my next blog post will be about that follow through. But until then, I’ll just talk about how I need to do it. And how my health (and sanity) rely on it. Ha!

So here’s to timeblocking (tomorrow), prioritizing MYSELF, and putting my mental health above everything else. Because at the end of the day, if my mind isn’t right, nothing I do will be right. 


So this is a good weekend to schedule some massages, pedicures, and shopping then? Ok, I’ll tell Kris y’all said it was good. 
Take time for yourself peeps. Your heart, your soul, and your mind are the most important things you have. 


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