Do You Wear Spanx?

When I purchase clothes, I do so by actively choosing items that hide my body shape. Yes, I’m a big girl and there is no hiding it. I’m okay with that, Mrs. She’s Too Big Now She’s Too Thin. I’m just not 100% comfortable showing my back fat roll if I were to wear a tighter shirt.

And let’s be honest, I’m all about comfort.


However, sometimes there are items you just have to have. They sometimes cling in weird places, or if you’re at a specific angle it just doesn’t look great.

So to be safe, we invest in Spanx (or something like it).

Props to the women that can wear these on a daily basis. I’m sure you feel and look fabulous. But, I feel like my inside are being crushed.


Are Spanx the modern day corsets? What is up with us wearing undergarments to make us skinnier or a more “desire-able” shape? I thought we moved past the Victorian age.

Maybe it’s just me, and most women find these things comfortable. But I don’t want to wear a full body suit underneath my clothing on the reg.

  1. I’ll constantly fidget.
  2. I get hot, fast.
  3. And I can’t breathe.

Why do we do this to ourselves?!?!

Here’s why…

We want to look good.

But for who?

That’s what trips me up. If I’m fully honest with myself, I wear one of those things because I want to look good for someone else. I want the people at the wedding who I haven’t seen in years be like “Dang… She got big… But she look good tho!” Compliments make me feel good. They make all of us feel good.

But I don’t want to rely on others to make me feel good about myself. Will I still wear the Spanx? When needed, yes I will.

Society makes us think that we need to be a certain size or shape or color. Or that one is better than the other. And it’s not.


Just the way you are.

How comfortable are you in your own skin?




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