Mrs. She’s Too Big, Now She’s Too Thin

You guessed it. Miss Britney Spears herself sang it on her hit single, Piece of Me

“I’m Mrs. she’s too big, now she’s too thin.”

And in the hour of another icon, the glamorous Ashley Graham, making Sports Illustrated history, I just wanted to take a second and talk about my body. Yes, my body.


I was a size 6 in high school.

I was a size 8/10 in college.

I then went up to a size 12 after college.

Back down to a size 10 somewhere in the middle.

And finally gave up on it all and went up to a size 18. Boom.

That is where we are today. A size 18. I could not have, in my wildest dreams, guessed that I would be this “big”. Ever. And to top it off… We’re sitting at 260lbs people.

**jaws drop**

It’s true. I couldn’t believe it myself when I looked at the scale over the weekend. Shit, my mom couldn’t believe it when I told her either.

I don’t know if people are shocked because I’m tall and I don’t look like I weigh 260lbs OR if they hear 260lbs and in their heads they’re thinking “Damn girl, go to the gym.”

Regardless, it’s a number I’m not proud of. To think I let my body get like this is craa-zzy.

But then I remember how many plus size girls and women are out there rockin’ the hell out of their bodies. I mean, seriously, one is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She’s a size 16! It’s unprecedented! It’s culture changing!

It’s women like Ashley Graham who publicly share with the world that it is okay to be a plus size woman. It’s women like Britney Spears who are able to talk publicly about how women are criticized for their body no matter what size they are.

This whole plus size movement in pop culture isn’t just about plus size women. Yes, it’s empowering us, believe me. But this movement, this life altering change in our society is about a woman (or a girl) and her confidence in herself and her body– no matter her size, shape, or color.

We can preach it all we want, but until big girls, athletic girls, dark skinned girls, light skinned girls, short girls, start redefining what beauty is ourselves, then nothing will change. We need Ashley Grahams, we need Ronda Rouseys, and Viola Davis’ to stand up and be our voice. But we also have to do the work down here.

So here’s my work…

I choose to always strive to live a healthier life than I did yesterday. If that means I’ll be a big girl for the rest of my life, than so be it. If that means I’ll lose some LBs along the way, great.

I choose to exude confidence in the clothes I wear every day, even my pjs. Look good, feel good, right?

I choose to talk about confidence within yourself to the girls I coach and mentor.

How do you plan to redefine beauty?





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