56 Things I Learned From My Mother

In honor of this lady’s 56th birthday today, I wanted to share 56 things I have
learned from her over the years.

  1. Talking like a sailor is okay. If people don’t like it, screw ’em!30836_1349918625658_3694451_n
  2. Cracking open a beer at 10am on Sunday is my gift to myself because of how hard I worked this week.
  3. Don’t let the boys push you around.
  4. Not wearing a bra in public is the most freeing thing in the world.
  5. Be independent. You do not need to rely on anyone.
  6. Things are not important, only people are.
  7. Hitting rock bottom is okay as long as you pick yourself up.
  8. Who gives a shit what anyone thinks or says. They don’t matter.
  9. Money makes life easier.
  10. Be loud and proud.
  11. Be the center of attention.
  12. Let your husband buy you clothes.
  13. Don’t take life too seriously.
  14. Don’t fight over stupid things with the people you love.
  15. Be compassionate with your family.4808_1114267694532_1651655_n
  16. Be strong and assertive at work.
  17. Don’t take no for an answer.
  18. If you can pay someone to clean your house, then do it.
  19. You do not have to wear your wedding ring to show your commitment.
  20. Love is about compromise.
  21. If someone is yelling, don’t give them the time of day.
  22. Love your family NO MATTER what.
  23. Help the ones you love.
  24. It’s okay to be hard on your kids.
  25. Dance like no one’s watching.
  26. Learn about where you come from.
  27. Just because someone is not your blood, doesn’t mean they are not10622921_10204055369002154_7085794992813002000_n your family.
  28. Family history is something you must teach your children.
  29. Antiques are a little way that we can keep our ancestors with us at all times.
  30. You don’t always have to buy the most expensive things.
  31. But if you can and you want it, buy it.
  32. There is no need to put makeup on every day.
  33. Cheer very very loud for your kids.
  34. Drink too much.
  35. And don’t apologize for something you’re not sorry for.
  36. Some people are stupid.
  37. Give your kids more than what you had growing up.
  38. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do.227282_1007166897079_9794_n
  39. You are strong.
  40. Take vacations.
  41. Rings with big stones are the bomb.
  42. Don’t allow people to judge you.
  43. Keep secrets.
  44. You’re allowed to be crazy sometimes.
  45. Learn how to bake pies.
  46. Do what makes you happy.
  47. It is okay to keep your mouth shut sometimes.
  48. No one will understand you more than your siblings.
  49. Care for your parents when they get older.1176106_10151667759838177_843502622_n
  50. Celebrate life.
  51. Sometimes life kicks you in the face. Put your big girl pants on and deal with it.
  52. Do things the way you want to do them, not someone else.
  53. March to your own drum.
  54. Date a lot.
  55. You are allowed to be the best and worst version of yourself whenever you want.
  56. Love life and live it, because you only get one.

Love you mama. Happy birthday.




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