The Pitbull That Saved My Life

I wrote a post about six months ago called Blessings from 2014. The title’s pretty self-explanatory, but what I don’t talk about is how 2014 really went…

Yes, 2014 had some awesome-ness to it. It really was one of the most fun summers I’ve ever had, and that’s no exaggeration. But looking back on it now, I realize how low I really was. No need to go into detail and reminisce on the bad the times, but just to set the stage for this post, 2014 was filled with a lot of stupid decisions.




I’ve had Lucy since December and to say that this little pitbull saved my life is an understatement. I’ve always loved animals, but always loved myself more.

But I started to kick around the idea about getting a dog after I jacked up my foot (seeing pictures and explanation from the Blessings in 2014 post). I was looking for a way to be more responsible. Something to keep me from going out every night. I was finally ready to love someone other than myself.

So off I went with some coworkers to the Allen County SPCA to check out a few dogs. I really had no intention of actually purchasing one.

I went there to see a cute little  black and white boxer. From the pictures she was everything I wanted, but when they  brought her out, we just didn’t connect at all. The awesome volunteers asked if I was interested in any other dogs. I said I had seen the little female pitbull on the website and that I’d be open to meet her. (However, inside I was nervous as hell. A pitbull? I had never even been around one really. What if this thing was aggressive? Aren’t all pitbulls kinda scary?)


Haha Yes, this vicious pitbull stole my heart the day I met her. Little did she know she was also saving me from myself.

It’s no joke when people tell you that the dog chooses you. They really do. Lucy had been through hell and back and so had I (Read the news article about Lucy). We were the perfect match.

Today, Lucy and I are living happily ever after. And we just celebrated her 2nd birthday! We’re both still learning a lot, but we’re learning together.

This blog post is a public thank you to Kris and Jessica at the Allen County SPCA and also all the other employees and volunteers. What you do every day is something so honorable and you should all be recognized for it. Thank you for giving me the confidence that I could be a first time dog owner and for showing me that Lucy and I were meant to be together.



Lucy and Laine



PS. Are you ready to save an animal? Check out the Allen County SPCA’s website or donate to their cause.

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