What I’d Say To Them Now

We all have them. Those people in our past that we wish we could say one more thing to, good or bad. Would you really, though, if you could?



I have never felt more betrayed than when you blamed me for what happened to cover your own ass. I never knew a friend could do that to you.


To the southern boy,

I can’t believe I let you tell me how to act and talk. Must have been stupid love on my part. You’re the first guy to truly break my heart. Thank you.


To the fisherman,

You were the one that got away, mainly because I was an idiot. I’m sorry.


To crazy,

You are just that. Crazy. You stalked me. You drugged my friend. WTF is wrong with you?!


To my twin,

It sucks you let a guy come between us. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was stop being your friend.


To the one,

I was ready to marry you. You weren’t and I was devastated. Thank you for being honest and letting me go.


To stupid,

Thanks for giving me a second chance.


I asked at the beginning of this post if you would say what you really felt to the people in your past. Well, would you? The above “letters” to people in my past are both things I’ve said to them and things I wish I would have said. Either way, I got it out. I expressed my feelings to them directly or on paper (in this case, my blog). And you can too. Go out there and express your feelings, publicly or privately. But either way, do it for YOU. You are what’s most important.




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