3 Ideas That Will Change the Way You View Life

I recently had a conversation with a friend about what we believe in, whether that’s a higher power, fate, an idea, etc. I believe in it all to an extent. He doesn’t. How could someone not believe in anything? To each their own of course, but it made me really interested on his thought process behind all of it (which I’m still trying to comprehend).

All this talk about beliefs had me really appreciating the things that I personally believe in. I have found that these 3 ideas have gotten me through life’s toughest times and have helped me understand why things happen the way they do.

Everything happens for a reason.

Who actually believes this when they’re knee high in tears from their first heartbreak? Or their dad dies? What’s the reasoning behind stupid shit like that? We don’t realize it right then and there. Hell, we might not realize it for years to come (or even at all). But it’s true. That asshole broke your heart so you could learn that A. he is indeed an asshole and you’re better off without him, and B. you didn’t like being told how to dress anyway. So why did your dad have to die? He didn’t have to, but he did. Would you have had a different life if he was here? Yes. Would it have been better? Who knows? But what you have right now at this very moment, you probably wouldn’t have had if he were alive.

Every event that happens in our life leads us to another door. You have the power to CHOOSE the door, but it’s because of that particular event that you have the ability to do so.

What’s meant to be will be

I even have this tattooed on my foot in Portuguese. For two reasons: 1. I’m proud of my heritage and 2. This saying has gotten me through a lot in my life. I’ve cheated on boyfriends and I’ve had guys I was “in love” with break my heart. I interviewed for five jobs before I landed one. But that’s okay. All of those things were supposed to happen. They have brought me to this very place I’m at now. Does the process of break-ups and no job offers blow? Hell yes. But at the end of the day ALL of those things weren’t meant to be, otherwise, I would be there and not here.

Timing is everything

I was dating (if that’s what you want to call it), a guy a little over a year ago that lived out of town. We hung out, we talked, whatever. I was not very nice to him. Mainly because I’m a bitch and had no business trying to have any type of relationship with anyone other than myself at that time. But he put up with it and finally I was way over it and just pretty much stopped talking to him.

Fast forward to January 2015 and Laine has a done a complete 180 with her life (in terms of her mental/emotional stability, go me!). And guess what, it just so happened that same guy from over a year ago was in town and we decided to have dinner and catch up. That dinner alone proved to me that timing is everything. I wasn’t ready a year and a half ago to have him in my life (in any capacity), but I am now. Now we talk every day. I even drove 6 hours to see him. WTF?!? Haha


We might not all believe in a higher power or fate, but I am certain there is not one person who could make me think that the belief in these 3 ideas have not helped shape my life.



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