You Never Know Until You Try

Sooooo I’ve posted on social media recently about this new juicing thing I’ve been JaiJuice2trying at a local business called Jai Juice in downtown Fort Wayne, Ind. Let me just say I love the women over there. The first time I visited their location I sat and chatted with an employee for an hour about life. She was where I wanted to be (health wise) and I was where she had been at one point (health and bad choice wise).

I’m slowly but surely trying to make healthy changes in my life now. Juicing being one of them.

I decided that I was going to attempt their 1 day cleanse after trying their juices. I picked this up on a Thursday night and had 3 days to actually go through with the cleanse because after that the juices go bad. I figured, why not Sunday since I’d be lying around JaiJuice1anyway.

I was super excited because I felt like a lot of my friends were using me as a guinea pig on this one because they wanted me to write a review on my blog. And don’t get me wrong, I was also nervous. I’m a meat and potatoes girl all the way, so the thought of just liquids all day long…. Eeeek!

Well, the day came and went.

Did I go through with it?

Dun dun dun

I woke up, drank the first juice and 2 hours later had a burger from Culver’s. Hahaha

To be fair, I was hung over and felt like crap. I went out the night before for a friend’s birthday and I hadn’t gone out like that in a while. So it’s my own fault, but I tried, right?

So why the heck write a blog about something I was supposed to do, but ultimately failed at? Well, that’s life.

We make choices every single day and we have to live with the consequences. But we also learn from them. This decision wasn’t a major life decision or anything, but it made me think about all the choices I’ve made and how it’s okay to fail.

In my blog post The Place That Changed My Life, I talk about how my college basketball coach once told me, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” And that’s what this whole juicing thing was about. It was out of my comfort zone big time, but I took a risk, spent some money and failed.

But I tried. I tried something new and I’m proud of that. Some people never try anything new. How boring their lives must be. At least I can say that I’m taking risks and learning from those failures.

Do I regret anything in my life? Hell no!

No one should. No one should regret anything. Everything should be a learning experience, good or bad.

So my challenge to you is to try something new over the next week. Juicing, yoga, sky diving, cooking for multiple people, anything. If you fail, it’s okay. Try again. And again until you get it. But who knows you could succeed.

You never know until you try.




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