Being 25 And Single Is Okay

I am one of three girls: Bahillary, Bastupid, and Bolivia (our nicknames… for what reason, I do not know). Yes, I am “bastupid”.MelloSisters

Hillary is 33, married for like ten years with 3 boys under the age of 4.

Olivia is 22, finishing up her last year of college, and just recently got engaged.

Me, well I’m 24 (almost 25) and single. Shocker.

But this isn’t a feel sorry for myself blog because my sisters have found ‘the one’ and I’m still searching. This blog is for those who have either: A. After I told them my younger sister was engaged they responded with, “How are you feeling about that?” or B. They didn’t say that, but I could totally tell they thought it.

HELLO?!? WTF is wrong with being in my mid-twenties and single?!?

Like, for real people.

No offense to my sisters, but damn, currently where I am in life, I couldn’t imagine marriage. Am I open to it, hell yes. But until I can steadily take care of myself, pay my bills, and not have to call my parents to act like I want to see them and in all reality I have no food at my house and want them to buy me dinner, I will not be ready for marriage. And I am okay with that. So why can’t everyone else be?

Who gives a shit that I’m a quarter of a century old and single. Just because you chose to go down a different path doesn’t mean I need to go down there with you.

I am beyond ecstatic for both of my sisters, kids, marriage, the whole nine yards. And they are beyond ecstatic for me. Trust me, if you asked either of them what they thought about me being single they would say, “Thank God, no one can handle her crazy ass.” They are two of my biggest supporters. They aren’t thinking that my biological clock is ticking or anything. They want me to find the one like they have. It may be this month, it may be in ten years, but they know there is someone for me out there, and so do I.

So the next time someone makes you feel like holy shit, you’re getting old, you’re single, what are you going to do with your life, give them the finger. (Okay, maybe not right to their face, but maybe as they walk away? Or maybe just in your head? Yeah, just in your head).

There is no longer a norm when it comes to marriage. There is no age, no limits, no time, nothing. You are the one who chooses. You are the one who decides you’re ready. Don’t let anyone make you feel like there’s another way to it. Because there isn’t.

When you’re in love, you’ll know, say “yes,” make babies, and live happily ever after. But until then, for me, I am good with being the middle sister who has no boyfriend and who doesn’t have marriage in the near future. And I am good being single and supporting both of my sisters and their families.

God knows I may need to bunk up in an extra bedroom of theirs some day.





One thought on “Being 25 And Single Is Okay

  1. I’m almost twenty five and I’m not married. I’m dating someone but we haven’t talked about marriage. I’m happy with my life though.


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